Race style aluminium / alloy seats

Lotus race style seats.

This is an authentic copy of the aluminium seats as used in Lotus 11s, 15s and early 7s. It is also suitable for a variety of other race and sports cars.

It’s actually very comfortable with the minimum of padding (not supplied) to the base, and is very light. A very rapid race Caterham has one fitted. It is 390mm wide at the base.  

We currently make this style of seat with three different inclining angles. Please contact for details.

Do not confuse these with lower quality aluminium seats sold elsewhere. These are in keeping with period style race cars, and I have sold various ones which have been fitted into ACs, Alfa Romeos, TRs and a few others. 

These are normally supplied with cut outs to suit harnesses. Experience has taught us that the angle of the back panel varies from car to car. We do make these seats in a number of seat back angles.

Please contact for details.

Price; £545 (no vat).


Aluminium seats in Caterham resized (1)

A pair fitted to a very nice Caterham. 



Jaguar E-Type XKE Lightweight style aluminium seat.


We make a lightweight style aluminium seat (not trimmed) which is a copy of those fitted to the original Lightweight E-Type cars. These seats are of the highest quality and the best available.

At the customers request, these two seats had larger than standard cut outs for the seat belt harness.

Price: £750.00 each (no vat to pay).

The picture below shows a pair of slightly narrower (to allow for roll cage) Jaguar E-Type lightweight style seats which are modified to allow them to sit flat on the floor and not be obstructed by the radius arm mountings. The best quality available.

Price: £POA.

This is a lightweight style Jaguar E Type race seat which has been made to a customers specification. It is slightly narrower than the standard lightweight seat and has less height at the front. The customer also requested larger cut outs for the safety harness. It has been FIA approved.

Unique seats made for a television programme.

Kieft 500cc race seat.

This is an aluminium seat that I recently made for a customer’s Kieft racing car.

Kieft seat 1 resized

Please contact for details.

Seat for Formula Junior race car.

This small seat was made to a customers specification to fit within a Formula Junior single seat race car.