Jaguar E Type XKE aluminium / alloy long range tanks.


We make various aluminium long range road and or race fuel / gas tanks to suit the Jaguar E-Type XKE and we would happily compare these to any others on the market.

Features and options.

Different capacities from 80 litres to 170 litres. The roadster and coupe models will take different size tanks.

Tanks can be suitable for road / touring, and or race, and be fully FIA compatible. A number of our tanks are in cars racing at the highest levels.

Normally when a flat topped tank has fittings welded to it, that panel then distorts and can then let the appearance of the tank down. Therefore we have wheeled some three dimensional shape onto the top panel of this tank and it’s period appearance is without doubt the best available.

The tank can be made to fit under the boot board, or be visible in the Lightweight style.

The existing filler cap can be used or the tank can be made to have the 3 1/2″ flip cap as used on the Lightweight style.

We can make the tank with whatever fittings are needed and placed on the tank where required. Often, the tanks will have twin fuel pick up fittings.

There would be a sump on the base of the tank which sits through the existing hole in the boot floor. The fuel pick up would sit within this sump (with the drain plug) and this ensures a constant fuel supply when cornering and accelerating.

We normally make the tank to allow the use of the original fuel level sender unit, or if required, a VDO vertical dip tube unit. The mount for the sender unit is a machined fitting which will not leak.

On a race tank we include a number of internal modifications to improve the tanks performance.

We can make the tank to suit fuel injection.

We are happy to make a tank with variations on these designs.

The two pictures below show a 140 litre capacity tank that will fit under the boot boards in a FHC or convertible and would make use of the standard filler cap.

Jaguar E Type large tank 1 resized

Above is a large aluminium baffled fuel tank which fills the whole area beneath the boot flooring, but allows that flooring to be in place giving a standard appearance. The capacity is approx 100 litres. It uses the standard filler cap location and the standard sender unit.

The example shown above has a -6 AN Aeroquip style fuel outlet, and a breather. We can make the tank with whatever fittings are required.

Jaguar E Type tank 7 resized (1)

This tank was made to the customers specification having two fuel pick ups.

Price;     POA (no vat to pay).

Fitting kit, consisting of additional steel profile for boot floor, angled aluminium section, and two rubber backed stainless steel retaining straps,    £70 (no vat to pay)


Jaguar E Type long range tank 1 resized


Jaguar E Type long range tank 2 resized (1)

These are the best available in both design and construction.

Jaguar E Type long range tank 5 resized

Jaguar E Type long range tank 6 resized

Other versions of the tank can have the filler cap within the boot.

Jaguar E Type long range tank 4 resized

Please contact to discuss your required specification.

The picture above shows a hidden screw filler cap within the large lightweight style flip cap. It is an FIA race requirement that the filler cap is within the bodywork of the vehicle and the screw cap is within that bodywork. This design is proven, and accepted by race scrutineers. Refuelling is an easy procedure.

The picture clearly shows the quality.

Below are a selection of other E Type fuel tanks that we have made.

This is 100 litre safety foam filled race tank.


Below is an FIA approved 100 litre race tank.


The picture below shows a race and road going tank with twin fuel pick ups mounted on the side of the tank.

This is a modified version of the 100 litre tank which allows for a small storage space on the drivers side of the tank. Some customers choose to place the fuel pump in this location. The tank is safety foam filled and for a developed road going

The below two pictures show an 80 litre capacity fuel injected tank with -8 AN fittings.

The below picture shows a road going 130L tank for a lightweight style car.

The picture below shows a very large capacity Jaguar E-Type (XKE) racing fuel tank that has a breather fitting and two -8 AN fuel supply fittings.


Jaguar E-Type XKE Lightweight style aluminium seat


We make a lightweight style aluminium seat (not trimmed) which is a copy of those fitted to the original Lightweight E-Type cars. These seats are of the highest quality and the best available.

At the customers request, these two seats had larger than standard cut outs for the seat belt harness.

Price: £750.00 each (no vat to pay).

The picture below shows a pair of slightly narrower (to allow for roll cage) Jaguar E-Type lightweight style seats which are modified to allow them to sit flat on the floor and not be obstructed by the radius arm mountings. The best quality available.

Price: POA

This is a lightweight style Jaguar E Type race seat which has been made to a customers specification. It is slightly narrower than the standard lightweight seat and has less height at the front. The customer also requested larger cut outs for the safety harness. It has been FIA approved.

Jaguar E-Type Bonnets

Aluminium e type bonnet 1

On behalf of a colleague I am able to offer aluminium bonnets to suit the series 1 and 2 E type Jaguars.

Low drag bonnets also available.

These are of the highest quality and certainly the best that you will find.


Aluminium e type bonnet 3Aluminium e type bonnet 5