We have made a number of tanks for various Lamborghini models. They are of the highest quality and are sensibly priced. Please enquire for details. They are all made by ourselves and like all of our products we ensure that they are correct.

We have supplied these replacement tanks to both private owners and Lamborghini specialists both in this country and abroad. They have been described as being of better quality than the original tanks.

Should you be interested in a fuel / petrol / gas tank to suit any model of Lamborghini, please contact for details.

Lamborghini water header tank.

We make these aluminium water header tanks to suit a number of Lamborghini models such as the 350/400GT and the Islero.

Price: POA

Lamborghini Miura fuel / petrol / gas tanks

These pictures show an early LHD Lamborghini Miura P400 tank that we have made.

The aluminium tank is of the highest quality and an improvement on both the original or any reproduction tanks.

The front of the tank has the correctly shaped panel and the internal baffling is again an improvement on the original. We also make the tank with an internal collector from which the fuel is drawn, which reduces the possibility of cavitation.

We make the tank with a machined fitting for the fuel level sender unit, replicating the original three hole mount, or one to suit a more modern sender unit. We are happy to make the tank with any variation from the original design.

Price:  POA (No vat to pay).

Lamborghini Jarama fuel / petrol / gas tanks.

Lam Jarama ASP1

The pictures above and below show an aluminium fuel tank that I made to suit a Lamborghini Jarama.

Lam Jarama ASP3

The picture above shows another Lamborghini Jarama tank that we made for a USA vehicle which has a different filler neck angle and breather arrangement.

The baffled tank is a straight swap for the original steel tank but is made with some improvements. These are the placing of an additional baffle near to the fuel filler neck to prevent fuel surging up the filler neck and spilling out of the petrol cap when cornering. I have also placed a small container within the tank immediately above the threaded fuel supply fitting which ensures there is a constant supply of fuel when cornering etc and eliminating fuel starvation issues.

The fuel sender unit mount is a machined fitting which is welded in place on the inside. It comes complete with six stainless steel Allen headed bolts and washers to retain the sender unit (not included) and a new gasket.

The picture here clearly shows the quality of the welding and manufacture. 

Lam Jarama ASP2

Price:   £POA (no vat to pay).

Lamborghini 350 GT petrol / fuel / gas tanks.

These two pictures show a pair of tanks to suit a Lamborghini 350 GT. They are a complicated design and the pictures show the quality. They are not available elsewhere.

Price: £POA            

Lamborghini Islero petrol /fuel /gas tank.

These two pictures show the Lamborghini Islero petrol tank that we make. This is a surprisingly complicated design. The mount for the sender unit is a machined fitting and the pictures show the high quality of the tank.

Price: POA.

Lamborghini Countach petrol /fuel /gas tanks.


Please enquire for details.