Axminster Specialist Panels are particularly experienced in the range of lotus panels from the early cars such as the seven (7) series one (1), two (2) and three (3), through to the eleven (11) and the current Caterham models.

 s1 7 front view


series 1 7

 A recently finished Lotus Seven series 1 with a complete new body and bonnet duct as per the original car.

A small number of the Lotus and Caterham Sevens (in addition to the series 1) produced by the factory had aluminium wings and nosecones instead of fibreglass panels.  Examples that I have produced are in the picture below.  The chassis in the background is a Maserati 4CS.


Caterham panels in garage 1


     Lotus 11 series 2 2                                      

     Series 2 Lotus 11


Please note; I am a one man business and I am concentrating on the fuel tanks, seats etc. Reluctantly, I will not be taking any more orders for bodywork on the 7s and 11s. I will however still make the scuttles to suit the Lotus 11s as described further down this page.

  For the range of Lotus and Caterham tanks which I manufacture and supply please view the Tank Page.


Lotus 11

LOTUS 11 Header Tanks




These are the aluminium header tanks as used on the Lotus 6, Lotus 11, some Sevens, and models including some Lolas.

The picture above shows two types;

a) Header tank with aluminium neck (supplied without cap). 

Price;    £160 (no vat or taxes to pay).

The mounts have not been drilled, to allow suitability to your application, and I can make the tank with a threaded boss on one end for mounting the  temperature sender unit if required (most original tanks had a push in unit). 

I can make these with modifications over the standard design. In the past I have made these tanks with differences in height and length, outlet and inlet diameters. Please contact with details.


LOTUS 11 Fuel / Petrol / (Gas) Tanks
I have made numerous examples of these fuel tanks for both road or race use. This example is a standard tank with the original styled bolted in baffles. This tank hasn’t had the filler neck welded in place yet as this is done once the scuttle is mounted and the correct angle on that neck can be established.

Lotus 11 fuel tank, bolted 1 resized

Lotus 11 fuel tank, bolted 2 resized

On the above example the brass outlet is mounted on the side of the tank pointing towards the cockpit. I can also place this on the front of the tank pointing forwards if required.

The below example is a safety foam filled version (suitable for FIA events). I can add the correct bolts for appearance. I make all of my safety foam filled tanks with a perforated tube immediately beneath the filler cap. When refuelling, this allows the incoming fuel to be absorbed quickly into the foam reducing the risk of fuel splashing back out and the fuel nozzle constantly “clicking off”.

Lotus 11 fuel tank resized (1)

They can also be constructed in matching pairs, suitable for fuel injection, or with a discreet mount for a sender unit so that a fuel gauge can be used. These are 38 litres capacity each although I can make them to a different size if required.

 Prices;a) Standard tank with bolted in baffles.                 £425 (no vat to pay) plus cost of cap and neck.

b) Standard shaped tank, safety foam filled.     £500 (no vat to pay) plus cost of cap and neck.

c) Standard shaped tank, safety foam filled, with the correct baffle bolts added for appearance. FIA suitable.                 £525 (no vat to pay) plus cost of cap and neck.

These are without doubt the best available. 


If you are rebuilding a Lotus 11 or building a replica, I am able to supply the following;

The scuttle panel. 

This panel is the most important on the whole car. It dictates the size and shape of most of the others and should be one of the first panels made.

Most originals were not evenly sized. I am able to make and supply an accurate version which would have the shaped section at the front made from one piece. Most replica or rebuilt cars have this made from various bits welded together. I can make this panel with the swaged rear to match an aluminium tonneau cover. 

Lotus 11 series 1 2 resized

Lotus 11 scuttle edge resized



Race style seats.

This is an authentic copy of the aluminium seats as used in Lotus 11s, 15s and early 7s. It is also suitable for a variety of other race and sports cars.

It’s actually very comfortable with the minimum of padding (not supplied) to the base, and is very light. A very rapid race Caterham has one fitted. It is 390mm wide at the base. I can make these to different widths. Please contact with details.

These seats are not to be confused with more basic examples sold elsewhere. These have been fitted to various cars including ACs, Alfa Romeos, TRs and others. 


These are normally made with cut outs to suit harnesses.

Price; £425 (no vat to pay).

Aluminium seats in Caterham resized (1)

A pair fitted to a very nice Caterham.

LOTUS 7 series 1 / 11 gearbox mount

Lotus 7 11 gearbox mount

This is the steel gearbox mount required to fit the series 1 Seven, and 11 cars  with the 1275cc A series gearbox. This was a common early modification. It is riveted to the floor and tunnel sides. I also have available the gearbox mount to suit 11s fitted with the MGA gearbox.

Price:   £75 (no vat)


LOTUS 11 bobbins to mount front and rear panels

 A set of four machined from graphite injected nylon. Supplied with washers.

Price:   £30 (no vat).