AC Cobra 260 / 289 petrol / fuel / gas tank.AC Cobra 260 289 tank 1 resized

These two pictures show the AC Cobra 260 / 289 aluminium tank that I make. It is a direct copy of the original steel versions.

It is baffled and has a machined mount for the sender unit. It comes complete with x6 stainless steel retaining bolts and washer, and a new gasket. It has the correct sized outlet in the base (although I can make it with whatever type of fitting you require).

The retaining brackets on the ends are riveted as on the original tank.

This tank would compliment any Cobra, whether original or a kit.

Price:   £575 each (no vat to pay)

AC Cobra 260 289 tank 2 resized

I can also make this tank safety foam filled so suitable for FIA racing. Please contact for details.


AC ACE, Standard shaped tank. 

This is a very nice direct replacement fuel tank for the Ac Ace and I would happily compare to any other.

It has a mount for the standard sender unit (welded in boss instead of being in thin metal) , drain plug and correctly shaped protruding profile on base (as per the original). 

Includes sender unit gasket and x6 stainless steel allen headed bolts and washers.

AC Ace tank ASP resized


 I have made some versions for race cars including ones filled with safety foam as required by FIA regs.

 Please contact for further pictures. 
Price:   £575 each (no vat to pay)

AC ACECA, Standard shaped tank. 

AC Aceca tank ASP resized

AC Aceca tank 1 resized

This aluminium tank is similar in appearance to the Ace tank above, and is made and supplied the same as described above with the Ace tank. The best available.

Ac Aceca tank 2 resized

Price:   £575 each (no vat to pay)

AC 3000 ME, Standard shaped aluminium tank. 

I have made this baffled aluminium tank to the highest of standards. It is a copy of the standard steel item and is a straight swap for an original steel tank. 

It allows the use of the standard sender unit and it has drain plugs in the correct positions.

I usually make this large tank half an inch shorter in length than the standard tank to make fitting easier.

AC 3000ME tank 2 resized

AC 30000ME tank 1 resized


 Price:   £595 (no vat to pay)

 AC 3000 ME aluminium water header tank / swirl pot.

I make a high quality aluminium header tank to suit the AC 3000 ME which is a direct copy of the original steel version and a straight swap for that original. I’m happy to make  variations on the original design. 

 Price:   £140  (no vat to pay)