TRIUMPH TR7/8 aluminium fuel petrol gas tank

TR7 tank 71 litres underside

These aluminium tanks are a straight swap for the standard steel tank, and are held in place by standard TR7 straps. Please see the pictures showing the quality. 

They are fully baffled, allow the correct sender unit to be used, and have a capacity of 71 litres over the standard 55 litres. The carb tank has an anti surge container within preventing fuel starvation when cornering etc.

There is also a drain plug added which the standard tank didn’t have.

The original steel tanks had the fuel feed through the sender unit. Whilst I’m happy to make the tank to allow for this, I prefer to make the tank with a push on, or threaded connection to the side of the sender unit mount. The internal pipe work can then feed efficiently from the anti surge container.

TR7 tank 71 litres 2

 I can make these to a race specification, including safety foam filled, if required. Please contact for details.  

Standard carburetor tank, Price:     £545 (no vat to pay)


TRIUMPH TR7/8 Fuel Injected

This is the same as the standard tank described above but modified for fuel injection. I have designed this tank so that it can be used in the best form which is with an in line fuel pump rather than having a fuel pump mounted within the tank.  

There is a correct shaped chamber, designed to prevent cavitation, within the tank from which the fuel is supplied. There is then a return back into the tank and that chamber.

The tanks normally have either -6 AN (Aeroquip style) fittings or a push on type.

TR7 tank fuel injected 1 resized



Price:   £595 (no vat to pay).