Lotus 7 s1 petrol tank













This is a high quality gas welded fuel tank for the Series 1 Seven and has the baffles bolted in place as per the originals (but without the same leakage problems). I have used nice brass bolts and fittings. It includes a period aluminium screw cap. I can also fit any other cap required. This tank can also be made with welded in baffles or foam filled.  

Price:   £525 (no vat to pay)  














This is a high quality aluminium baffled fuel tank for the Series 2 Lotus Seven. It includes the aluminium screw cap. I believe that I am the only maker of these tanks. This tank doesn’t have the sender unit mount but that can be added if required (as viewed below). 40 litre capacity. 

Price:   £450 (no vat to pay)

Lotus Seven s2 tank with sender unit


















This is a standard shaped series 2 tank, but with the added benefit of a discrete sender unit mount and therefore fitting of a fuel gauge. Supplied with sender gasket. I can supply this sender unit.

Price:   £485 (no vat to pay)