There are two examples shown.The first is a standard tank with the original styled bolted in baffles. This tank hasn’t had the filler neck welded in place yet as this is done once the scuttle is mounted and the correct angle on that neck can be established.

Lotus 11 fuel tank, bolted 1 resized



Lotus 11 fuel tank, bolted 2 resized

The second is a safety foam filled version (suitable for FIA events). I can add the correct bolts for appearance.


Lotus 11 fuel tank resized (1)

They can also be constructed in matching pairs, suitable for fuel injection, or with a discreet mount for a sender unit so that a fuel gauge can be used.

These are 38 litres capacity each although I can make them to a different size if required.

Standard Lotus 11 aluminium tank.Price:   £495 (no vat to pay) plus cost of cap etc.


Safety foam filled (FIA approved) Lotus 11 aluminium tank.

Price:   £570 (no vat to pay) plus cost of cap etc.

Please note that this tank (with foam) also has an additional aluminium baffle immediately beneath the filler neck (inside the tank) which reduces the risk of either the fuel splashing back out when refuelling or the fuel pump nozzle constantly “clicking” off. 

 Safety foam filled (FIA approved) Lotus 11 aluminium tank with the correct baffle bolts added for appearance

Standard shaped tank, safety foam filled, with the correct baffle bolts added for appearance. FIA suitable. Price:   £595 (no vat to pay) plus cost of cap and neck.

  LOTUS 11 Header Tanks2006_1128Lotusheadertank0011resized1

These are the aluminium header tanks as used on the Lotus 6, Lotus 11, some Sevens, and models including some Lolas. 

The picture above shows two types although I now only make the aluminium necked version which is supplied without a cap. 

Price;    £160 (no vat or taxes to pay).

The mounts have not been drilled, to allow suitability to your application, and I can make the tank with a threaded boss on one end for mounting the  temperature sender unit if required (most original tanks had a push in unit). 

I can make these with modifications over the standard design. In the past I have made these tanks with differences in height and length, outlet and inlet diameters. Please contact with details.