Lagonda fuel tank to suit the 2.6 and 3 litre models.

I have made a number of these baffled aluminium petrol tanks which are a direct copy of the original very large steel version. It has the correct fittings such as the sender unit mount which is a welded in machined boss. Includes sender gasket and stainless steel allen headed bolts and washers.

The fuel pick up mounting is again a machined boss in the correct location.

The shaped sump is the same as on the original tanks and has a drain plug in the same location.

The breather tube leading towards the filler neck is the same as the original version, and there is the same small locating point on the top of the tank. 

Whilst not cheap I have to say that this is an awkward and time consuming tank to make due to it’s size, shape and required thickness of material.  

Price:   £POA  (no vat to pay)